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We are Uwego.

We're on a mission to make travelling in the city much more comfortable and relaxing.


Uwego shows the next available Bus, Train, Ferry and Light Rail service, directly from their location on the map. User can search for multiple routes or stops while also explore our interactive real-time data showcasing the precise positions of Bus, Train, Ferry and Light Rail vehicles.
This multifaceted functionality ensures a streamlined and efficient travel experience.


Your great companion!
Uwego is your go-to app for all your public transport and mobility needs across Australia. Whether you are a daily commuter or an occasional traveller, Uwego has covered you. With its timetable and routing integrating with all real-time public transport access, getting around cities becomes easier.

User-friendly Interface

We create the app with the ultimately easy interaction, where users know what to do without looking for any documents or how-to guide.

Time and Money Saving

We have been working to produce the best algorithms that save you time, money, and efforts but still keep the most thrilling experience for you,

Environmental Friendly

We hope to build an environment with the lowest human emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases, thereby maintaining a green globe for ourselves and our future generation.


All of Australia
Operating across many cities throughout Australia, we are committed to supporting a vast number of commuters in their daily journeys.


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We’re on a mission to turn little drives into better rides, and make cities flow better for everyone.