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Account support

How do I close (or delete) my account with Uwego?

You can delete your account in the Uwego app by navigating to Profile page,
then select the link “You want to delete your account?” to delete your account.

These steps will facilitate the account termination process within the Uwego app.

If you have any trouble while performing this process, please submit a request to
info@uwego.io and we will assist you as soon as possible.

When contacting us, please provide:
The email address or your mobile number associated with your account. If
you logged in to Uwego application by using Facebook/Google/Apple
account, please provide your email that is linked with
Facebook/Google/Apple ID.
The reason you want to close your account.

How do I delete my payment method from Uwego?

Currently, our Uwego app has not collected any payment method information.

Therefore, we will not have any feature to support you delete your financial
If you have any concern about your information relating to Uwego app, please
submit a request to info@uwego.io and we will assist you as soon as possible.

Can I change my email address or mobile number on Uwego application?

Yes, you can update your email address by navigating to the main menu, then
tapping on Profile icon. There you can change your email or any other personal

Data sources

Which data providers that Uwego application integrated to?
We use data from the following providers across multiple states of Australia
New South Wales
Transport for NSW
Department of Transport
Public Transport Victoria
Transport Canberra
South Australia
Adelaide Metro
Translink Queensland

Service providers and operation

Which transport services are available on Uwego app?

Currently, we integrated to all public transport services that are available for each Australia State declared in Data Sources.

You can browse Uwego app to find your real-time update for public transport routes or stops.

You also find other mobility services on Uwego app such as Airbike and Neuron. More transport providers are coming soon. Stay tuned for details.

Where in Australia can I use Uwego application?

Uwego application operates across Australia. Please refer to Data Sources tab for more information.

Data Storage

Do I need to download all transport data?

The application will suggest you download the public transport data based on your current location. You also download other cities public transport data by moving your map to those cities or navigating to “Data Update” on main menu.


Those downloaded data will take up a little storage space on your device. We strongly recommend you download public transport data for your chosen city as it will provide a swift access to the public transport timetables, even in situations where internet connectivity might be weak.

How do I know my public transport data of my Uwego app is up-to-date?

The application always request you update the latest version of you chosen city if it is applicable.


However, you can navigate to “Data Update” section by tapping on main menu icon. There, you will get the “update status” of your public transport data for all cities across Australia.


This status should indicate whether your data is up-to-date or if there are pending updates available.


What does Preferences mean?

On Uwego application, we base on you preferences to filter the timetable public transport data, thereby enhancing the overall performance and usability of the application.


For example, where you select a preference for a particular mode of transport, such as train or bus, our application takes this into consideration. By default, when you open the app, it will subsequently load all train and bus routes that are available within your current location.


Furthermore, our system will intelligently generate planned journeys that align with your chosen modes of transport—train and bus in this scenario if you search for a destination. This thoughtful approach aims to provide you with optimized travel options that adhere to your stated preferences.